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Fleet Graphics

Are you looking for ways to promote your brand or business? You can do that with fleet graphics! Fleet graphics help to generate brand visibility and boost credibility, ultimately contributing to a greater return on investment. With the right graphics and placement, you can start making your mark on the road immediately.

The Right Fleet Graphics Solution

We have several options available depending on the purpose, size and budget of the project. For example:

  • Logos: Display Your Brand Identity
  • Lettering: Tells People What You Do
  • QR Codes: Make it Easy for People to Get in Touch with You

We also offer:

  • Partial Vehicle Wraps
  • Full Vehicle Wraps

Need Help Designing Your Fleet Graphics?

Step 1: We’ll assess the exact branding requirements of your organization

Step 2: We’ll create a design for best visibility and legibility on your vehicles

Step 3: You review and approve

Step 4: We install your graphics on your vehicles

Take a Look at Our Work

Brands, construction companies, municipalities, sports teams, food trucks and restaurants across greater Milwaukee have trusted us with their brand image. Take a look at our portfolio.

Will You Design Fleet Graphics for Me?2023-01-03T17:15:03-06:00

Yes. We’ll design graphics for your fleet vehicles that take into account your brand and logo colors and fit perfectly.

I Already Have a Design, Will You Print and Install It?2023-01-03T17:23:50-06:00

Yes.  We will print and install an existing design. We’ll also work directly with your graphic design team.

How Much Do Fleet Graphics Cost?2023-01-03T17:32:53-06:00

Excellent Question! The price can vary based on these factors: If you need help with a design; the size of the graphic; the time needed for installation.

How Long Does it Take to Install Graphics on My Fleet Vehicles?2023-01-03T17:25:15-06:00

It’s a faster process than you’d think! In fact, most jobs can be done while you wait.

Do You Need to Know What Make and Model My Fleet Vehicles Are?2023-01-03T17:16:37-06:00

Yes. For the best design and perfect fit, we’ll need to know the make, model, year and color of your fleet vehicles.

Can You Install a QR Code?2023-01-03T17:33:23-06:00

Absolutely! QR Codes are a great addition to fleet vehicle graphics.

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