Outdoor Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are a great choice for outdoor events, commercial developments, trade shows and other promotional activities. Proper design, construction and installation are essential to ensure your banners look their best. This guide walks you through the process of printing vinyl banners, from artwork design all the way to installation.

More About Vinyl Banners

Include Strong, Eye-Catching Colors and Graphics

Vinyl banners  are a great way to get the word out about your business, communicate a message about a construction project or to direct people and traffic. Be sure to design them in vivid, eye-catching colors and graphics that will draw attention to your promotional message. Opt for larger fonts so that your message can be read clearly from a distance, and use relevant images with high resolution to avoid pixelization. Incorporate logos and other designs that reflect your brand image to create an effective outdoor banner.

Pick the Right Material for Your Project

Once your artwork is ready, it’s time to pick the best material. Vinyl banners are typically printed on different types of vinyl, depending on their purpose – indoor or outdoor. Matt finished banner vinyl is ideal for indoor applications whereas gloss or block out banners are the top choice for outdoor displays because they can withstand winter weather conditions and direct sunlight without fading.

Prepare Your Banner’s Design & Artwork

Preparing the artwork for your banner is the next step in the process and it’s essential to get this part right if you want your banner to look its best. When designing your artwork, remember to use high-resolution images, keep fonts simple and easy to read, limit the number of colors used, and avoid adding text close to the edges of your banner.

Need help? Our expert graphic designers can guide you with the right specifications – or take care of your entire design!

Consider Professional Installation Services for Longer-Lasting Signs

Vinyl banner printing is simple, but the professional installation of your banners can often make the difference between a short-lived sign and one that stands the test of time.

Brilliant DPI’s professional installers understand how to ensure that banners remain securely affixed no matter what condition the weather throws at them, making sure that your message remains intact for longer.