Logo Design

How do you want your company to be perceived? A custom logo design can be the way to project the type of image you want your business to have, whether it’s high-tech, organic, or something else entirely. Here are five reasons why every company needs a custom logo design from Brilliant DPI.

1) Brand Recognition

We’ve talked about brand recognition before and how it’s important to have an eye-catching logo that makes a great first impression and stays with your audience. It’s important to have brand recognition not only when you first begin your business, but throughout its growth as well. That way, customers won’t forget who you are! If they can recall your name and what you do in three seconds or less, then you definitely want to stick with branding yourself! Otherwise, potential clients may feel like they’re having a hard time recalling your name and might just move on to something else that makes their lives easier. Branding is all about being memorable and creating relationships with clients so you don’t lose them once they need you again.

2) Your Competition

If you’re looking to stand out in today’s competitive business world, it may be time to invest in a custom logo design. Many businesses rely on a tried-and-true approach when it comes to their company image and are never able to attract and retain new customers. While your competitors are making do with off-the-shelf logos, you have an opportunity to leave them in your dust. In order to succeed in today’s market, you need more than just a good product or service. Your brand needs exposure as well. And while traditional marketing strategies can definitely make an impact, there is no replacement for consistency across all forms of media—especially something as powerful as branding via custom logo design! After all, if people are only encountering your name once (i.e., at checkout), make your company memorable for the right reasons.

3) Professional Graphic Designers Have the Knowledge

Hire a graphic designer to create a custom logo: If you’re looking for something that will set your business apart from your competitors, then it’s time to create something truly unique and memorable— a custom logo design. The truth is that you don’t need all of those stock images, templates and clipart. Just hire a talented graphic designer who can take your ideas and turn them into something remarkable. What these do not offer, however, is a professional voice to help guide you through your decision making process. A local, professional graphic designer has invested years in their craft. They know what looks good and how to capture the essence of your business in a logo design. In fact, we work with many of our clients long after we’ve designed their logo – that’s because we know their vision and we know their values. so each brand image works as hard as possible at achieving its desired effect in every medium. Beyond design, though, logo creation involves branding knowledge—what colors convey which emotions; why certain fonts appear clean and trustworthy while others seem cluttered and amateurish.

4) Buy Nice or Buy Twice

We’ve seen it happen. A business owner gets a generic logo for $50 and says, “good enough for now.” Or worse yet, they pay upwards of $1000 for a logo that isn’t doesn’t look very good or the logo was designed using the wrong tools by someone who is a good visual artist but doesn’t understand the tech-y part of design. Then they start to grow and now they realize that their logo isn’t a good representation of their business. Here’s what you need to know.

If you were to use an online-based service like Fiverr, where you can get a logo for cheap – that is just not going to cut it. Freelance designers work on multiple projects. That means that they might be designing a couple logos at any given time and your project isn’t a “design,” it’s an “order.” Worst of all? There’s no guarantee that the logo that you’re buying for $25 is going to be unique.

Conversely, a custom logo design gives you total control over your brand image, and allows you to have full ownership of its entire development process. Simply put, a custom logo has more personal attention paid to it. Investing in a custom designer equates to better end results.

Investing in a custom logo won’t happen overnight. You’re going to have to sit down with multiple designers and take time before making a final decision. Choosing a good graphic designer can involve back-and-forth discussions during which you may even find yourself changing your mind from one day to another regarding small details here and there.

Skimping on your logo could actually lead others to believe that you don’t care about your company or personal brand. And those first impressions count for something! Are you giving off an impression of confidence and uniqueness or that you’re just like everyone else?

5) Invest in Your Brand

Think of all the time that you have put into building your business. Hiring the right employees, finding the right location and the right niche. And you’ve also invested a lot of money. Your brand should reflect your investment. It’s an extension of who you are as a person or company. In today’s high tech world with so many competing brands it’s important to make sure that yours stands out from your competitors. A custom logo design will help set you apart from your competition in today’s aggressive marketplace! Creating a unique logo is key to getting noticed. With so much emphasis on what we wear these days we rely heavily on trends and fads when choosing our attire… but logos never go out of style. By investing in a professionally designed logo, you’re securing and establishing your business in the marketplace. Imagine how powerful that can be when expanding your business in your local area or while branching out to regional or national level?